Whether distribution centers or manufacturing plants, we have developed a solid expertise that ensures that no project is too complex for us. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to guide our clients in their decisions, so that their facilities meet the highest industry standards, whether in Quebec or abroad.


The current economic climate makes for small profit margins in the commercial sector. To recoup their investment, contractors must make maximum use of all built space. We know that and we are working in this direction. All our projects are carried out in close collaboration with municipal officials, to ensure that all regulations are strictly observed. In the fields of renovation or construction of commercial buildings and supermarkets of all sizes, our extensive experience allows us to deliver the goods every time, much to our customers’ satisfaction.


On the institutional front, clients give a lot of importance to the design and development of office buildings. All our projects are developed taking into account these requirements, whether in the private or public sector. Our staff has mastered the art of advising our clients on making the most profitable development choices. Our methods enable us to carry out our projects without disrupting current operations. It is a quality that our customers greatly appreciate.


Thanks to our staff’s skills and our expertise in key technologies, we are able to match and even surpass the competition. Our versatility allows us to adapt to all constraints and contingencies. We specialize in the construction of retaining walls and trail development in the steepest places.

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